The training that Sensible Self Defense provides has its basis in proven, real world techniques. At the basic level, we teach our students how to live with firearms in their environment, to safely operate your firearm, properly carry your concealed pistol, and to effectively deploy it. At the more advanced levels, we teach our students how to think through a situation and sensibly use their firearm to win a potentially lethal encounter.

We are committed to helping you grow as a responsible firearms owner and to making you a person who can effectively defend themselves and other innocents within the bounds of Texas law.

Our Classes:

Texas License to Carry – Currently (due to COVID issues) we are only providing the Range Instruction and Qualification portion of the on-line Texas LTC course. The schedule is flexible. Please contact us for more information and to schedule your class.

Private Instruction – This is a 2-hour private pistol, carbine/rifle, or home defensive shotgun class for 1-2 students. It can be as basic or advanced as you wish. I will tailor the curriculum based upon your particular skill level and interests.

Defensive Pistol I, II, and III – These classes take you from the basic defensive pistol and carry concepts, through intermediate, and advanced. 

Low Light Pistol I, II, and III – These classes take you from the basic concepts of using a pistol during low lighting conditions, through intermediate, and advanced. Students will learn various low light shooting techniques for the pistol. Each shooter will be drilled in all aspects of low light weapons handling and defensive shooting with emphasis on proper technique and real-world application.

Shotgun Home Defense – The shotgun is the best home defense weapon in existence today. This dynamic course presents a reality based, aggressive, close quarters combative method of deploying the shotgun in defense of your home. Most shotgun schools spend a great deal of time discussing modifications and additions to the shotgun, or try to turn this short-range weapon into some sort of a rifle. Such is happily NOT the case in this class. You will learn what the shotgun is really for, and perhaps as important, learn the weapon’s limitations. This class emphasizes building the foundation of fundamental skills. If you rely on a shotgun for home-protection, this course is essential.

Tune Up Classes – We occasionally offer 4-hour tune up classes designed to work on specific skill sets.

Massad Ayoob Group MAG 20 Range/Live Fire – A two-day, 20-hour immersion course in the use of the defensive handgun under extreme stress. Draw from concealment, two-handed stances, shooting from cover, one-handed stances with either hand, speed reloading, and more are taught with an overall emphasis on fast, accurate shot placement. The course finishes with a police-style qualification course. Estimated ammo count: 500 rounds. Prerequisite: Basic understanding of firearms safety and proof of a clean criminal record.