This club shoots on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Texas Steel Challenge – Sanctioned Steel Challenge

The Cedar Ridge Steel Challenge match shoots on the 4th Saturday of each month. This match is run by an affiliated club of the SCSA. SCSA rules apply. The goal is to provide a safe, fun competitive venue for people to enjoy shooting. All safe shooters are welcome.

All steel targets are made from quality AR500 steel and is hung with free hanging mounts to provide the best ring possible. Our steel is mounted on wood post to provide the best shooting experience possible. With wood post there is no false sound of a hit on a target plus the added safety of bullets not deflecting off like can happen with steel posts.

Sign up for our matches is done at Practiscore .com. You can find our matches by going to Practiscore or while on the Practiscore web site click on “Matches” and in the search box type “Cedar Ridge” and you will find our matches. Results for the matches will be immediately posted to the Practiscore web site and later that same day they will be posted to the SCSA national database where members will be credited toward earning their classifications. The club name on the Practiscore web site is “Texas Steel Challenge” and the matches and their results will be posted as “Cedar Ridge Steel Challenge”. The club name on the web site is “Texas Steel Challenge” and the clubs affiliation number is SCSA415. Results for affiliated clubs can easily be found on the SCSA web site by searching “Results” and use the clubs affiliation number in the search criteria.

One helpful way of keeping up with the news and announcements from all the clubs in the area is to sign up for the mailing list at where most of the clubs will post their upcoming matches and you can pick the ones you like and match your schedules.