Range Fees

All Range Fees listed are per person/per day and include all applicable taxes. Registered shooters may shoot as many rifles and/or handguns as they wish during their visit at no extra charge.  Cedar Ridge Range does not charge “by the gun”.

Range Fees

All guests at Cedar Ridge Range are required to read the range rules, listen to short lecture by staff and answer short quiz to demonstrate their understanding of CRR range rules.  

All Shooters (except minors under supervision) will be required to leave valid picture ID with Range staff at check-in when signing in to shoot.

Standard Range Fee – $17 per shooter per day

  • Covers Rifle and/or Pistol anywhere from 1-100 yards distance.
  • Anyone 14 years old or older

Junior Range Fee (13 years old or younger) – $8.50 per junior shooter

  • Anyone 13 years old or younger
  • Must be accompanied by a responsible, check-in and paid Adult (18+)
  • Junior Shooter will share a lane/frame with supervising adult.
  • Supervising adult will be held accountable for all actions of Junior Shooter.

-Additional Options-

STEEL BAYS – Standard Range Fee + additional – $6.50

  • May shoot Handgun Caliber as long as it is under 45COLT. No 5.7×28.
  • May also use lead birdshot or buckshot if shooting Shotgun.
  • Other than 22LR, Rifle rounds are NOT ALLOWED.

Shotgun on Paper Target – Standard Range Fee + $15

  • Shooting Shotgun on a paper target requires renting a shotgun specific frame.
  • You may use this frame for slugs and steel shot as well as lead birdshot and buckshot.

Cedar Ridge Range will loan customers FREE use of Spotting scopes, sandbags, pistol or rifle rest, and table mats when available.

All loaned equipment must be returned in the same condition it was loaned out in or customer will be required to pay a fine to compensate for all damages or losses.  

Spectators are permitted at the discretion of CRR Staff. Spectators are not allowed up on the concrete slabs, to handle any firearms, ammunition, or go down range at any time, for any reason, during their visit.  

Any person who has not paid and registered at office that is found shooting or handling will be banned immediately and removed from property or subject to arrest for theft of service.