Standard Membership

$160.00/Year ADULT (tax included)  

$80.00/Year JUNIOR** (tax included)

 **Junior is defined as under 14 years age

Number bays are accessible to the public for a fee or free of charge to those with a Membership.

1)  Members entitled to unlimited, free visits/range use during normal operating hours. Range Fees and Steel Fees waived

2)  3% off in-store merchandise except Used Firearms
3)  $20 discounted FFL transfers
4)  Discounted Private Bay rentals
5)  Discounted Steel and other rental equipment with Private Bay rentals

6) and so much more…

Full Member rules below:

It is a members responsibility to report any and all rules/safety violations immediately to Cedar Ridge Range (CRR) staff.  Any member violating the rules will have their membership revoked and be banned for life from CRR.

Memberships are good for 365 days from date of purchase to purchase date of the following year.  Members must adhere to all normal CRR hours of operation.

Members will enjoy a 3% discount on most items and a reduced FFL transfer fee of $20 per firearm.

Members may bring up to two guests at one time to enjoy member privileges at $39 per guest.  Members are solely responsible for a guests actions and breaking of any rules will result in a ban for everyone.

Shoot only paper targets, no other target types will be allowed without prior approval from CRR.

The Falling steel 22LR bay is for rimfire only, no other caliber firearms allowed.  All shooting takes place from behind the table.  Do not move target or add targets.

All steel plates must receive CRR approval before use.  All steel plates will be placed directly at the base of and parallel to the back berm.  Steel plates must be engaged from no less than 10 yards with a handgun caliber firearm.  No steel plates will be engaged with a rifle.  Steel plates or multiple targets can only be used when space and time allows.  Steel plates can be rented from CRR.  

Multiple targets and steel plates are allowed on bays 4 through 8 only, no exceptions.

Drawing from a holster is allowed from strong side only.

Do not fire from any position other than the designated firing line, inside the box directly behind the table.  Shooting from any other position requires prior approval and will only be allowed when space and time allows.  

Shotgun shooting is allowed for an extra fee or members may bring their own frame to destroy but must pick up the trash

Members who are minors (under 17) must shoot under supervision of paid adult.

Pick up your brass only if you want it.  Leave the rest lying on the ground, do not steal brass.

Shoot only at an angle where bullets will hit backstop berm, not side berms or any other object.

NO full auto, burst, bump, slide fire stocks, binary triggers allowed.

Premier Membership

Don’t like shooting with other people? Do you want the ability to setup a elaborate stage and shoot all day uninterrupted? Premier membership can be had by being a Standard member for one year without issues OR a initiation fee of $400 plus the yearly Premier fee of $275. All the perks of a regular membership included as well. Ask CRR Staff for more details.

The Letter Bays are accessible to those with Premier Memberships and to our guest Match shooters on the weekends.