Gate view looking East from 1863

$17 per person/per day. Cash, debit, credit. Our longest Shooting Range is 100 yards.

Shooting Range Bay view

We have multiple bays, not one or two long ones.

This means you will only have a small number of people shooting around you at one time. No overhead eves to interfere with your stance or vision of the target.

Shooting Range Reactive steel target plate bay for handgun cartridges and shotgun.  Texas Stars, Dueling tree and hostage paddle targets.

Handgun Steel Bays

Want to make some (additional) noise for a little extra on the Range?

Bring your handgun cartridge firearms and shotguns and make the steel ring (or spin). 

Cedar Ridge Shooting Range Summer Hours

Shooting range

Shooting range

Public “Number” Bays

Public Shooting Range Bays overhead view

Premier “Letter” Bays

Premier Member Shooting Range Bay overhead View

Pictures from the Range