Cedar Ridge Range is looking to grow and we are in need of dedicated employees who want to work and grow with us. Opportunities abound for the driven individual to work almost as many hours as wanted. Please fully read the job listings below.

For all jobs you must meet the following minimum criteria:

You must be able to arrive and leave everyday on time.

-No criminal record or DUI. Alcohol/drug abuse will not be tolerated.

-The ability to use power and hand tools correctly after being shown.

-You must have valid car insurance and be able to drive a golf cart in a controlled manner.

-Be able to lift and carry 80 plus pounds unassisted, repeatedly. Be able to bend over constantly.

-Be able to use lawn care equipment.

-Be able to enforce and know all CRR written rules.

-Be able to interact with customers in a friendly and positive manner.

-Be able to work unsupervised.

-Like/tolerate dogs.

General help and target setter, starting at $15/hour. You must be 18 years or older.

Available full-time or Weekends only (9am-6:30pm normally). – This job entails setting targets, maintaining target frames, picking up brass, grounds maintenance, custodial duties, digging trenches, dragging brush and pretty much everything else that needs to be done. You will be outside 95% the time.

This position will not be doing the following:

Handling money, taking phone calls, gunsmithing, shooting guns or leaning on the counter talking.

Assistant Manager ($40,000 salary / more if qualified)

This position entails doing everything a General helper would be doing (when needed) with the additional minimum requirements for this position:

-Be able to hand calculate receipts and write legibly.

-Be able to administer and quiz people on CRR safety rules.

-Rudimentary computer skills.

-Answer the phone in a positive manner.

-Be able to give correct change.

-Salesmanship ability and a strong willingness to learn everything gun industry

What benefits do we offer?

Employee discount on many products after working for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Free shooting when not working.

If you don’t see a benefit listed here, we don’t have it currently.

Still interested? Send your resume to [email protected] If you look promising, we will get back to you to setup an in-person interview.