Cedar Ridge Range
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Pistol and Rifle Range Individual Calender Year Memberships


$140.00/Calendar Year ADULT (tax included)              

$85.00/Calendar Year JUNIOR (tax included)              

               **Junior is defined as under 14 years age                                   

1)  Members entitled to unlimited, free visits/range use during normal operating hours and are
     entitled to one free (1) target frame with (2) two targets per day.
2)  Members are issued a Laminated Membership Card for Check-in/Out
3)  Members are able to get permission to practice on non-standard targets or courses of fire when feasible



Law Enforcement Departmental Pistol and Rifle Range Memberships:

COSTS:  Negotiable - Based on Number of Participating Officers (call for details)

Cedar Ridge Range offers yearly memberships to qualified law enforcement agencies and departments for their commission officers.  The benefits of "departmental" membership:

1) Officers can use Pistol and Rifle Range facilities anytime during normal operating hours at no charge, whether for practice with duty weapons or personal firearms (except for shotguns and Class III firearms).

2) Officer will be provided with target frame with 2 targets.  Officers will be granted special permission to practice law enforcement techniques.

3) Officer will be assigned to a suitable, unoccupied bay (no civilian shooters) whenever possible.  

4) Departmental qualification shoots or training sessions may be scheduled by departmental firearms instructor(s) and may arrange for scheduling times outside of normal operating hours, including night shoot training

5) Departmental  training sessions may include use of all appropriate department approved handheld firearms, including shotguns and Class III firearms.

6) Training assistance available from Cedar Ridge Range Instructor

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